maandag, februari 21, 2011

Winding down

71 days and counting
from now
we'll be on the last step
of what seemed an endless journey
a void of opportunities
filled with memories
it is us
that is now
to where
we once

maandag, november 01, 2010

No answers

Tears roll down
her face
like little rivers
streams of pain
searching for
the way out
I know
I can not follow
them home
without drowning
and never

zondag, mei 24, 2009

Walking the stairs

I wonder, that shiver
and the passing thought
of an empty shell
a memory flash
void of life
if it was you
and goosebums
on my skin
mapping colorful memories
might have been

I don't know where you are
but I'm still thinking about you
every day

donderdag, januari 22, 2009


Wow wow wow...

Great home, awesome cars... '59 Caddilac Eldorado and a 60's Thunderbird

Read all about it...

Dusk at the gates of dawn

Sometimes I want to escape
hit the gas and leave all established
in a trail of dust and confusion
head for that one horizon
the V8, a five speed manual
and the music for company
no more crap but freedom
of being whatever the fuck
I want
the volatile smell of liquid gold
pumping through my nose and vains
when I refuel
leave all you incompetent losers
with only burnt rubber to smell
at a flick of my cigarette
when I go at it again

So fuck you, lowlifes.

woensdag, oktober 15, 2008

Feather touch technology

Laying down on a gently slanted slope
colorful leafs cushioning me
looking at an autumn sky
a warm sunny embrace
of recently acquired
yet renewed
however good
or bad
I'm thinking
I'll stick around
for now

dinsdag, september 02, 2008


Finally got around to watching the actual series, after hearing certain other people rave about it. I get it now, I really do.

I need a mancave to watch stuff like this, with a Gattaca poster, a Heat poster, a Casablanca poster and what not. Vintage stereos around, comfy lazyboys, a fridge with some booze and many fags to smoke. Records on the floor and movies by the TV, casual packs of smokes around. Guys among eachother.

Mustang waiting outside for a nighttime drive and only stars to witness.

Just for those moments, I fucking crave it, been wanting it longtime.

Shit will happen too. Count on it.

Better not get kids you wankers ;)

That being said, I miss my turntable. Alan Parsons Project's Voyager just ain't the same on mp3 and lousy computer speakers... be done with that crap.

zaterdag, juni 28, 2008


Een tenor zingt
en draagt zijn stem tot buiten
neemt mijn mijmering mee
de staalblauwe lucht in
je zweeft m'n gedachten binnen
iedere dag nog
dat je nooit meer
m'n warm polleke in het jouwe
nemen zal daagt me nog steeds niet
ik loop de leegte in en hoop
je weer te zien
als ik aan je denk
morgen dan